Golfing Lady OnlineOnline Marketing Development

After being overcharged and a victim of some poor customer service from a rival firm Golfing Lady Online decided to make a change. They haven’t looked back, we have been working with them for over a year now and their have seen their search engine optimisation rankings improve along with their sales.

We have been in charge of their pay per click management and search engine optimisation improvements. Adrenesign also made Golfing Lady Online’s website responsive as from the Google Analytical data we saw that visitors were leaving the site sue to this functionality not haven’t been built when the site was previously developed. The statistics have now dramatically improved. Their website will be redeveloped at a quieter period of the year to a Magento site which is a further improvement to their visitor experience. Our 2015 strategy will be to add Trust Pilot’s services to the site and also to make sure that Golfing Lady Online are present in the Google Shopping searches.

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