Digital marketing has exploded over the last decade and with Facebook now topping the weekly traffic for Google and a new member joining LinkedIn every second, social media is seeing the same growth.

With so much focus on digital activity and 93% of business to business purchases starting online, the company website has become the new shop window and the face of the business. Can you think of any other way you would honestly search for a product or service from another company other than online?
But for every business site visitor who converts there are always going to be other prospects who interact with a company website then disappear.
Research shows that just 5% of B2B website visitors actually go on to make contact with that business in the form of an enquiry, information request or purchase. The harsh reality is that 95% of the business visitors we invest thousands in driving to our site through PPC, SEO, online display and offline activity, never identify themselves.
Can you truly measure the effectiveness of marketing that’s driving prospects to your website, when all you see at the end of the sales funnel are the success stories that put their hand up and said ‘contact me’?